From CANADA4 【留学中の様子】

<個人留学中の森川 祐介(3年)からの報告>

Hello everyone!

First, I’d like to tell you that at the end of last month, one of my professors came to visit me in Vancouver. He was on his way to Toronto to participate in a meeting visited. I really appreciated it because I’m sure that he is always busy and  I am sure that he had many things to do, especially before the meeting.
While he stayed here, we had two dinners and had a good time. On the first day, I introduced him to Vancouver downtown. That was the first time for me to guide in Japanese and also to make a reservation at a restaurant. They were nice experiences for me. Thank you professor.
Second, recently I went to UBC; the University of British Colombia. There are many universities and colleges in Canada. In those universities and colleges, UBC is the second biggest public university and a good place to visit.
There’re so many exciting things such as a museum, library, naked beach, pool, gift shops, hiking courses, gardens and so on. I went to the Japanese garden that is called Nitobe Memorial Garden. The quality of the garden is good like Kyoto. I was really impressed. As you may know, Nitobe is the family name for a Japanese whose first name is Inazou. His face was on the old 5,000yen. He tried to make a relationship with Canadian because he believed that Canadian culture was necessary to be developed in Japan.
I think that he was right because we needed different perspectives from other countries at that time.
Now people are still visiting this garden to feel Japanese culture.
Lastly, I hope that the World Youth Meeting will succeed this coming August in Mihama!



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